Welcome to my One Place Study website! You will find information here about my research on the lost Warwickshire hamlet of Oldnall End.

The field known in 1839 as Oldnall End Piece, Station Rd, Balsall Common

Oldnall End was one of the ‘Ends’ or hamlets that made up the large rural parish of Berkswell. It was located to the SW of the historic village centre, and its lanes and farmsteads are now divided between Berkswell and the modern parish of Balsall Common. The name ‘Oldnall End’ in various forms dates back to the 12th century; it survived in tax records and property transactions until the end of the 19th century, but has since been largely forgotten. The aim of the study is to reconstruct the story of Oldnall End, its fields and farms, and the people who inhabited it.