The Dwellings of Oldnall End in 1839

This list identifies all Oldnall End properties that appeared on the 1839 Tithe Apportionment, organised by street. Other than the largest properties (Lavender Hall, Ram Hall, Moat House Farm, Yew Tree) most did not have a consistent name, and were likely referred to by the name of their current occupier (e.g. ‘Tranter’s place’) or in relation to a local landmark (‘opposite the Bear’). To help with identification, I have given each property’s current name where possible; if it no longer exists, I’ve noted that and given a short description.

  1. Barretts Lane
  2. Baulk Lane
  3. Dockers Lane
  4. Green Lane
  5. Kelsey Lane
  6. Lavender Hall Lane
  7. Meeting House Lane
  8. Spencers Lane
  9. Truggist Lane
  10. Waste Lane

Barretts Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
986Sunnyside HouseThomas TranterThomas TranterHomestead & Garden
1008Sunnyside FarmhouseThomas Tidmarsh (Heirs)Henry RavenHouse, Garden &c
998Pool OrchardJoseph GilbertWilliam RileyHouse & Garden
995Barretts Lane FarmBerkswell CharitiesWilliamn RymellHomestead & Garden

Baulk Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
1227Ram HallSir JEE WilmotSamuel GarnerHomestead & Garden

Dockers Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
1156Cherry Tree CottageJohn SmithRichard HallHouse & Garden
1277Brickmakers ArmsWilliam WatsonWilliam WatsonHouse & Garden
1015Manor CottageThomas KelseyThomas MarlowCottage & Garden
1281Manor HouseJob FisherWilliam ThompsonHouse, Garden &c
981House and ShopJoseph ArchJoseph ArchHouse, Shop & Garden
Berkswell CharitiesJoseph Arch, sublet to Thomas Arnold & William Carter2 Cottages & Gardens
Berkswell CharitiesGeorge Harding, Mary Smith & Thomas Townsend3 Cottages & Gardens

Green Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
1289E corner with Dockers Lane
Sir JEE WilmotWilliam ColinCottage & Garden
1290Owls BarnSir JEE WilmotJohn ParkerCottage & Garden
1291W corner with Dockers Lane
John DonningJohn Mann & John Roberts2 Houses & Gardens
1303Cottages in Park
John PageJames Tidman & Job Bennett2 Cottages & Gardens

Kelsey Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
John KelseyJohn KelseyHouse & Garden
James TaylorWilliam HarrisonHouse, Garden & Croft

Lavender Hall Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
1317Fern BankSir JEE WilmotSamuel CoxHomestead & Garden
1269Lavender HallCatherine CannonThomas RotherhamHomestead & Garden

Meeting House Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
by Jury Field; Demolished
Sir JEE WilmotFrancis HaydonCottage & Garden
opposite the Lant; Demolished
Sir JEE WilmotMartha Corbett, John Scribnor & Richard Thompson3 Cottages & Gardens
96485 Meeting House LaneJames TaylorThomas SedgeleyHouse, Garden & site of Quakers Meeting
Henry Hyatt Bates & Mary Ann BatesSamuel Arch, Mary Ann Gray & Thomas Whitehead3 Cottages & Gardens
956Bates Farm
Henry Hyatt Bates & Mary Ann BatesHenry Hyatt BatesHomestead & Garden
953Rose CottageMary Ann BatesThomas HyattCottage & Garden
Mary Ann BatesJames Kyte, John Woolley & William Spencer3 Cottages & Gardens
947Reader Farm
Penelope ReederPenelope ReederHomestead & Garden
corner with Kelsey Lane; Demolished
Ann MatthewsEdward MatthewsHouse, Garden & Orchard

Spencers Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
1244Garden House
Berkswell crossroads
Robert Brown & Mary BrownRobert Brown & Mary BrownHouse, Garden & Malthouse
1243Village FarmSir JEE WilmotWilliam WilkinsonHouse, Garden & Orchard
1241The PrioryRichard LantSamuel GouldHouse, Garden & Orchard
1206Yew Tree HouseJohn SmithJohn SmithHouse, Buildings, Yard, Garden & Orchard
1187Spencer’s EndJohn BrookesJohn BrookesHouse, Garden & Croft
1184The CroftHannah BatesWilliam GibbsHouse, Garden & Orchard
1183Cromwell HouseSarah ReavesJohn ReavesHouse, Garden & Orchard
1113The Tower HouseSarah ReavesSarah ReavesHouse & Garden

Truggist Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
1181Carol CottageLate William PartingtonIsaac Cashmore & Thomas Perkins2 Cottages & Gardens
1177Berkswell GrangeWilliam LigginsSamuel Atkins & Thomas Daffton2 Houses, Gardens, Shoe Shop
1134Jasmine CottageJohn KelseyThomas KelseyHouse, Garden & Orchard
1133The FordroughWilliam GibbsWilliam GibbsCottage & Garden
1139Moat CottageJohn HallJohn HallCottage, Garden & Orchard
1195Moat House FarmRichard LantThomas TrippasHouse, Garden, Orchard & Croft
1144Truggist Hill FarmElizabeth Hall (Trustees)Thomas BatesHouse, Garden & Orchard
1172Truggist HillMary Sophia Hall (Trustees)Mary Sophia HallMary Sophia Hall
1147PandoraElizabeth Hall (Trustees)John ThorneycroftHouse & Garden
1164Wellmont HouseHowes FamilyThomas Cattell, sublet to Peter BraineHomestead &c

Waste Lane

Tithe IDPropertyTithe OwnerTithe OccupierTithe Description
934Laburnum Cottage
Melrose Cottage
Joseph ArchWilliam Anderton & John Mercer2 Cottages
936Field HouseElizabeth Hall (Trustees)Thomas RobinsonHouse & Garden
1037Laburnum FarmWilliam Floyd, SeniorCharles FreemanCottage & Garden
Behind Waste Lane; demolished
Bonds Hospital TrusteesWilliam Cox, underlet to John KelseyThe Homestead
E end Waste Lane; demolished
John KirbyJohn KirbyHouse, Garden & Pleck
S of Crabmill Farm
William CoxWilliam CoxCottage & Garden