Homes and Farms of Oldnall End

This list identifies all the dwellings so far identified in Oldnall End between 1802 and 1839, organised by street. Other than the largest properties (Lavender Hall, Ram Hall, Moat House Farm, Yew Tree) most did not have a consistent name, and were likely referred to by the name of their current occupier (e.g. ‘Tranter’s place’) or in relation to a local landmark (‘opposite the Bear’). To help with identification, I have given each property’s current name where possible; if it no longer exists, I’ve noted that and given a short description.

The two primary sources for this list are the 1802 Berkswell Enclosure Award and the 1839 Berkswell Tithe Apportionment.

  1. Barretts Lane
  2. Baulk Lane
  3. Dockers Lane
  4. Green Lane
  5. Kelsey Lane
  6. Lavender Hall Lane
  7. Meeting House Lane
  8. Spencers Lane
  9. Truggist Lane
  10. Waste Lane

Barretts Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Sunnyside HouseSurvivesCatherine BarrattThomas TranterThomas Tranter
Sunnyside FarmhouseSurvivesCharity LandThomas Tidmarsh (Heirs)Henry Raven
adj. Pool Orchard
Burnt down by 1688Catherine BarrattThomas Tranter
Burnt Cot Field
Pool OrchardSurvivesHannah LoeJoseph GilbertWilliam Riley
Barretts Lane FarmSurvivesCharity LandBerkswell CharitiesWilliam Rymell

Baulk Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Ram HallSurvivesJohn WilmotSir JEE WilmotSamuel Garner

Dockers Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Cherry Tree CottageSurvivesJos & M FarmerJohn SmithRichard Hall
Brickmakers ArmsSurvivesHenry & Thom WatsonWilliam WatsonWilliam Watson
Manor CottageSurvivesJas WoodThomas KelseyThomas Marlow
Manor HouseDemolishedHeirs of James DockerJob FisherWilliam Thompson
House and ShopSurvivesW VillersJoseph ArchJoseph Arch
Two CottagesDemolishedCharity LandBerkswell CharitiesJoseph Arch, sublet to Thomas Arnold & William Carter
Three CottagesDemolishedCharity LandBerkswell CharitiesGeorge Harding, Mary Smith & Thomas Townsend

Green Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Cottage, E corner with Dockers LaneDemolishedManor
Occ. George Smith
Sir JEE WilmotWilliam Colin
Owls BarnSurvivesManor
Occ. Thos Hands
Sir JEE WilmotJohn Parker
Two Cottages, W corner with Dockers LaneDemolishedJohn Downing
Land only
John DonningJohn Mann & John Roberts
Two Cottages in ParkDemolishedWilliam HickenJohn PageJames Tidman & Job Bennett

Kelsey Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
HouseDemolishedJohn KelseyJohn KelseyJohn Kelsey
HouseDemolishedHeirs of Joseph GarnerJames TaylorWilliam Harrison

Lavender Hall Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Fern BankSurvivesJohn EburneSir JEE WilmotSamuel Cox
Lavender HallSurvivesMrs William HuddesfordCatherine CannonThomas Rotherham

Meeting House Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
by Jury Field
Occ. Francis Eadon
Sir JEE WilmotFrancis Haydon
opposite the Lant
Occ. Timothy Corbett & John Scrivener
Sir JEE WilmotMartha Corbett, John Scribnor & Richard Thompson
85 Meeting House LaneSurvivesJob FindonJames TaylorThomas Sedgeley
CottagesDemolishedHeirs of James DockerHenry Hyatt Bates & Mary Ann BatesSamuel Arch, Mary Ann Gray & Thomas Whitehead
Bates FarmDemolishedHeirs of James DockerHenry Hyatt Bates & Mary Ann BatesHenry Hyatt Bates
Rose CottageSurvivesManor
Occ. Samuel Butler
Mary Ann BatesThomas Hyatt
CottagesDemolishedNew inclosureMary Ann BatesJames Kyte, John Woolley & William Spencer
Reader FarmDemolishedWilliam ReederPenelope ReederPenelope Reeder
corner with Kelsey Lane
DemolishedJohn MatthewsAnn MatthewsEdward Matthews

Spencers Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Garden HouseSurvivesRichard BrownRobert Brown & Mary BrownRobert Brown & Mary Brown
Village FarmSurvivesJohn WilmotSir JEE WilmotWilliam Wilkinson
The PriorySurvivesGeorge DaltonRichard LantSamuel Gould
Yew Tree HouseSurvivesJn & Ann SmithJohn SmithJohn Smith
Spencer’s EndSurvivesJno BrookesJohn BrookesJohn Brookes
The CroftSurvivesDan BatesHannah BatesWilliam Gibbs
Cromwell HouseSurvives?Sarah ReavesJohn Reaves
The Tower HouseSurvivesSarah ReavesSarah ReavesSarah Reaves

Truggist Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Carol CottageSurvives?Late William PartingtonIsaac Cashmore & Thomas Perkins
Berkswell GrangeSurvivesElizabeth LigginsWilliam LigginsSamuel Atkins & Thomas Daffton
Jasmine CottageSurvivesElizabeth PerksJohn KelseyThomas Kelsey
The FordroughReplacedWilliam GibbsWilliam GibbsWilliam Gibbs
opp. Moat Cottage
Demolished by 1831William AbbottElizabeth Hall (Trustees)n/a
Moat CottageSurvivesJohn CarrJohn HallJohn Hall
Moat House FarmSurvivesElizabeth MitchellRichard LantThomas Trippas
Truggist Hill FarmSurvivesJohn SmithElizabeth Hall (Trustees)Thomas Bates
Truggist HillSurvivesThomas SmithMary Sophia Hall (Trustees)Mary Sophia Hall
PandoraSurvivesJohn SmithElizabeth Hall (Trustees)John Thorneycroft
opp. Pandora
Demolished by 1811Catherine BarrattMary Sophia Hall (Trustees)n/a
Wellmont HouseSurvivesHeirs of Edwd ArnoldHowes FamilyThomas Cattell, sublet to Peter Braine

Waste Lane

PropertyStatus1802 Landowner (Tenant)1839 Owner1839 Occupier
Laburnum Cottage &
Melrose Cottage
SurviveJoseph WhiteheadJoseph ArchWilliam Anderton & John Mercer
Field HouseSurvivesWilliam AbbottElizabeth Hall (Trustees)Thomas Robinson
Garlington HouseDemolished bef 1831Catherine BarrattPenelope Reedern/a
Laburnum FarmSurvivesMrs Susannah FloydWilliam Floyd, SeniorCharles Freeman
Behind Waste Lane
DemolishedBonds Hospital TrustBonds Hospital TrusteesWilliam Cox, underlet to John Kelsey
E end Waste Lane
Occ. John Moor
John KirbyJohn Kirby
S of Crabmill Farm
SurvivesThomas WoodwardWilliam CoxWilliam Cox